Do "Minor Brew of xyz" work as intended?

The 6 variations of “Minor Brew of xyz” all give you a small benefit.
This is nice and good.

However there is a major drawback on these potions:
Once you used 1 of them they all go on a 30 minute cooldown which can’t be stopped by cancelling the effect (like the enchanted foods) and even after death the cooldown persists while the effect has gone. :exploding_head: :unamused:
To make the effect more logical I would suggest making either the effect persist after death or removing the cooldown after death. :thinking::star_struck:

Both will have a possitive side-effect: These potions will become more desirable on the trader (Moneysink) :money_mouth_face:


They really should rework them like you said, right now they are kinda useless because somehow I always die in a few minutes after using one of these potions… and then they are all blocked. Right now I sell them all and just buy the faction ones since their effect doesn’t disappear after death.