Docker and Restarting

I am currently running a dedicated server in a docker container on ubuntu. It runs really really well BUT, every 8 or so hours, one of us will try to join and the game will be displaying ping as ??? and you can’t join, I reboot and everything works great again. I’m not sure that can be resolved here, but what I was hoping to find out, is if I can add anything to serversettings.ini to schedule reboots at specific times and send warning messages. I see that option in the windows dedicated server launcher, but i’ve not been able to find exactly how to do that without using that launcher. If that is not possible, is there any possible way to send messages from a command window into the game, then I will just create my own cronjobs to restart the container, but i’d hate to do this without having at least one warning.

Any ideas?

Try Admins United. More of a question for the volunteers there. Good luck!

No such option in the settings. You need some sort of rcon tool. Not sure what works and what doesn’t with your setup. As Multigun pointed out, you can try the admin discord but have in mind that the majority of the admins there run their servers via the dedicated server launcher.

Thanks, i did find an rcon tool included in the docker image and it does work to broadcast in game, hoping between that and crontab, i can figure out a way to automate some messages and reboots.

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