Does Nemain signet buff ultimate "wings" damage?

Did anyone test if Nemain signet buffs ultimate “wings” damage ?
I would like to decide if my old Overwelming Power is now totally obsolete and good only to empower the Nemain, it is sitting in my bank atm

It’s doesn’t change it’s tooltip damage or the number of enemies it hits. So probably safe to say Nemain doesn’t work on ultimate.

Thanks, now I feel dumb as I never noticed ultimate had a tooltip … probably I never hovered with my mouse over it or did not pay attention :blush:

Is there a list anywhere of abilities it does affect?

It should affect any active (AoE), where it gets dodgy is passives. Some are affected some not.

Nemain only afflicts your Weapons Aoe of Effects abilities
Not Damage on Wings nor Gadgets, Talisman/Weapon Proc’s and not +1/2/3 Additional targets.

“Signet of Overwhelming Power” will increase the tooltip damage number of your Ultimate.
So Does “Signet of Nemain” for your AoE Weapon abilities.
Your AoE Weapon abilities should say “7/8/9 Enemies” instead of “6 Enemies” with a Nemain slotted.

The Numbers of additional targets Depends on the Nemains Tier (Color):
Green & Blue: +1
Purple & Orange +2
Red +3