Does type of tier/material affect lag in vanilla building pieces?

Can anyone say definitively whether the type of material used in the construction of general building pieces, such as walls, window frames, etc affects lag?

I understand that foundations have an impact, but are sandstone pieces easier on a challenged computer than say stonebrick or black ice?

I have been told that sandstone is the best material to build with if you want to build big and not impact players with poor computers, but it seems to me that what comprises the piece shouldn’t matter, but rather how intense the graphic rendering of the piece might be.

Can anyone help, please?

Who ever told you that clearly has no idea wtf there talking about… The texture of the building parts or the type of shape it is has nothing to do with “Lag”

You lag because your internet or the server your on sucks.

I would say however… the bigger your base and the more you clutter you have (100+full chests, 50 random animals / thrall) you will impact performance

by the way if you want to look like a noob you build in sandstone dont listen to who ever is giving you advice lol. Are you on a pvp server? Def dont build with sandstone.

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No one really has tested as far as i know the performance impacts of the the different building types. Some believe sandstone has more impact, because it may have more detail. In general, the reality is the more shadowing and light source the piece has (emits light) the higher impact on the game it will have.

And outside of being on PVP, sandstone is not necessarily a noob build (sometimes people like the aesthetics on non pvp servers other than borg cubed black ice). The biggest drawback to it is its HP. PVP, it would get wrecked asap, but non pvp, purge would be your biggest worry, 2nd troll players who bring over bosses to harass you. Higher tier, more HP defends against those better.

The 2nd part of your comment is what I wanted to get at never typed it. Sandstone in PVP is not very wise if you have anything you wanna keep.

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