Eirulan ~ RP, Savage Wilds, Conan + D&D inspired lore

~ Eirulan ~

~ RP, Savage wilds, Mods, PvE - Conflict, Conan + D&D Lore. ~

After the fall of the Cursewall, the once-Exiled Lands have undergone a profound transformation. As the veil between realms further thinned, denizens found themselves drawn into a deep slumber with only a handful emerging unscathed. Seeking refuge, many fell into portals leading to an enigmatic unseen realm — the Savage Feywilds.

You emerge into a place cast over by endless dawn. A place where souls carry strange silhouettes, where magic folds the air with pictures of other places, and endless fleeing souls seek mercy from a realm cast adrift.

Server Location - East Coast NA

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✦ 18+ LGBTQIA+ Inclusive
✦ 63 Mods
✦ Fresh Wipe!
✦ Always-In-Character
✦ Redesigned Roleplay Redux Sheets
✦ Dice Or Mechanical PVP
✦ Custom Quests & Jobs
✦ Responsive Admins

:scroll:Life in Eirulan;

✦ Begin your adventure in a secluded archipelago, where you may learn about the world or choose your origin and proceed at your own pace.
✦ Choose from an archetypal list of races and classes which affect RP and Gameplay.
✦ Further define your character through perks, roleplay, quests, and dice-rolls.
✦ Explore the Savage Feywilds, an echo of a place you remember under harrowing new context.
✦ Stake your claim in the world and influence its circumstances.

:scroll:Our Goals;

✦ Grounded fantasy atmosphere which merges influences from Dungeons and Dragons with the hardened and familiar tone of Conan the Barbarian.
✦ Immersive in-character design which folds RP features into general gameplay.
✦ Regular content integration with adaptive hub areas and unobtrusive additions to the world-space.
✦ Balance which seeks meaningful progress without excess grind.

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