Elementalism Crash


To expand on what I said, the crash problem is wide spread enough that even if it doesn’t affect YOU it WILL affect someone you are grouped with and you will end up waiting for them, or even worse, losing them from your instance. So in a way, the problem affects everybody in the game. It’s more important than any other bug in the game at the moment.


There are more oddities with this crash bug. I also never crash solo. However, once I was in a solo dungeon, joined a raid and then crashed almost immediately. So I am now thinking it is either the group code or the group code combined with day change.

The day change one was pointed out to me two days ago, every time the in game day changes from 23:59 to 00:00 there is a massive lag spike and almost always someone disconnects. Does not affect me when I am not grouped though.

Very odd.


I have crashed myself solo while using CF. Inside of solo mission instances where it isn’t even possible it came from someone else.