Emergency Procedures

That drone has some pretty good hearing, apparently. https://i.imgur.com/he0QgJd.mp4

Many sentry mobs have alert zones that look like this, but we can only see the frontal cone:

alert zone

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Yeah, but I was nowhere near as close as I could get to every other drone in the region which I tested after recording this.

1.) Buy TP

For your bunghole?

Yeah. I remember that mission. Drones in that mission turned out pretty “responsive”. So happy when I had that behind me.

Is there any fix to this mission, can’t progress though it since the cameras see everything

The cameras move to at least 3 different angles, so you have to watch out and plan for when it’s best to move under or past them. You can see this on the camera itself, or the light circle on the ground. Sometimes it’s easier to do this in the in-game evening or night.

It’s also possible to ‘escape’ after you have been spotted by a camera, if you are fast enough to break the line of sight – i.e. hide behind something.