Encumbrance at 43% when naked


My encumbrance is at 43% when I’m naked. I don’t have anything equipped to my hotbar and have used the give all to a chest yet it still has me at 43%.
Is this normal?

Can we see a screenshot?

says new users can’t upload images.
So here’s a link to imgur. https ://imgur.com/l2qNEtK

space between https and :
as I cant post links either.:disappointed:

Interesting. On the Attributes screen at the top right, what does it say there about your current encumbrance?

Yeah I just copied the last bit.

https ://imgur.com/WBellNz

45.5 out of 105

I’ve had this problem, just posted it on the bug report. Did you equip heavy armour at some point, as this happens to me after I equipped heavy armour.

Yeah okay I see the problem. You’re just getting fat.
Or it’s the issue @MRBROWN33 is talking about.

Yeah I equipped the Hyperborean armour set.

Was that heavy armour?

Hyperborean is the heavy savage armor set.

Wow, I’ve been on the keto diet this whole time.

I bet suicide will fix it. That seems to resolve many issues. Albeit temporarily.

Nice I’ll just go eat myself to death.:joy:

That worked, thanks.

Excellent. Hurray for @MRBROWN33!

Lol, let me know if it does as I went off after it happend. Try a reset as well, if you want to run the risk of not getting back the server lol

Suicide works.:grin:

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I don’t think relogging would fix it.

There’s a bug with sunder, where if you get sundered, it’s semi-permanent and your armor is drastically reduced until you die or the server is restarted. Relogging doesn’t work unless you’re on single player.
So I don’t think a relog would fix this issue either.

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