"Equipment Tabs Locked" Error While Equipment Tabs Are Unlocked

A known issue can sometimes cause unlocked equipment to be “stuck” as locked while unlocked. Don’t panic! This is easily fixed through the following workarounds:

Through the Equipment Window:

  1. Open the “Wear” window (lower left-hand corner of default UI)
  2. Left-click the lowercase “i” in the upper left-hand corner of the “Wear” window
  3. Click “Unlock All Items”
  4. Try again!

Through the Preferences Window:

  1. Open Preferences (F10)
  2. Under GUI, select “Equipment Window”
  3. Toggle “Lock Equipment Tabs” on and off again
  4. Try again!

If you’re still experiencing issues utilizing unlocked equipment item slots after taking these steps, please submit an in-game petition using the /petition command in your chat window. A Game Master will be happy to investigate further.