Error code gametweak restart

Ill b playing in single player everythings fine then it pops up a window saying gametweak needs to restart something to that effect what dies this mean ?

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I recently started seeing this message as well.

There are already a couple threads about it, but it seems to be a developer’s tool that is being activated by new issues specifically related to SOLO play since 3.0 . I only started experiencing it yesterday following the Version 1.81 Conan Hot Patch. I can also confirm that Restarting and shutting down the PS4 do nothing to resolve the issue.

I now get this error every SOLO game i play, I simply hit the accept button and see no ill effect to my game play as long as I avoid using sorcery in general, which at this time currently locks up Game play in SOLO MODE at a very high percentage of use of Arcane Staff use.

Here is the original solution I was pointed to a couple of days ago, when I posted the same bug.

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This one also experiences this issue.
Fortunately the game does not crash or such (more so than usual since 3.0) but this is not new, it was an issue a couple years ago as well if memory serves.