Error: email adress is not valid


since yesterday i try to make a new account, tried different email adresses but always get this message: email adress is not valid.
I tried a shorter passwort also, with only numbers and letters, no other signs, did not help. Even another computer at another location(notebook at work, PC at home) did change something.

I want to subscripe to be able to play the full game. Is this process possible maybe only via the game client ?

21 hours later and 27 hits to this thread…may i ask, is something wrong with my posting ?

Are you using an domain? According to other posters those don’t work properly with AO.

yes i used that, used yahoo too, did not work also.
is there another provider, known that it causes no problems ?

(btw, its really insane, never had this in 30 years of forums posting: you cannot mention other members as a new member. i needed 10 minutes to be able to post, and i did not mention a poster, and i clicked “reply” not “reply to member”. Please, i beg you pardon funcom. )

This is the only domain I’ve heard of that causes problems, maybe you could try gmail? That definitely works.

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Will do, ty !

15 minutes later: For others with the same problem, gmail did it at once. My “failure list” is: web, gmx and yahoo. Just add a “.de” behind all 3, for some reason the forum here did not let me.

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