ESAV Gaming - Relaxed PvE Server - Exiled Lands

ESAV Gaming is a server primarily to showcase and test ESAV mods.

ESAV Gaming

As for the server settings, they still mostly to be adjusted.
PvE and long daytime are set in stone. Other settings can be adjusted.

The caveats from the mods are:

  • Building is restricted to 1 camp and 1 outpost for now. To build a camp the player must have removed the previous camp if exists. To build an outpost, the player must remove the previous outpost, if exists. Irrestricted building permit might be given in time.
  • There is no map.
  • There is no bar/number/color coded UI. Life, Stamina, Temperature, Hunger, Thrist will be signaled by UI effects and colors.

At the spawn point there is a “gateway” which a player might use to get to the novice hall and trade 10 fiber for one FBA (Free building zone) item. While it is freely given, as per rule, only one item of each (tent for camp and brazier for outpost) must be built any given time. From there, the rest of the game goes more or less as regular game would be.

Other “quirks” of the mods are in development and therefore the actual reason the server exist. So once there, you might ask one of the server NPCs about them. (yes, I know. It is correct).

Another important thing about the mods:
If you die, you are dead. No respawn.