EU 3212 wont load/respawn FIX ASAP

Game mode: online Official server
Problem: loading screen / server connecting
Region: EU official 3212 PVP

Stuck in loading screen once load bar is close to 100%.
Takes about 5-30 minutes to login succesfully.
Once you die/remove bracelet you are stuck in the respawn option. Once countdown hits 0, its then gonna be stuck at 0.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Login to official server 3212 EU PvP
  2. Stuck in load screen
  3. Die or remove bracelet once logged in
  4. Stuck in respawn screen

This has been going on on this server for 2 days

I too play this server and have been experiencing these problems for the past 2 days, as has the rest of my clan and a number of players I’ve spoken to from other clans. Painful experience.

@Hugo / @Ignasi

Please advise

Its getting ridiclous… Still happening.
Takes around 10 minutes to spawn once you die.

Edit: now it wont let me respawn at all after i died. Been stuck 1hr

They should fix ASAP

The problem persist’s yet again today. I have been stuck at 99.9 - 100% in the loading screen for around 40 minutes so far.

Closing application, restarting console and trying again yields the same results.

Playstation and internet are running just fine for all other applications.

The problem with the login remains, for two hours I can’t log in to the server, admins please take measures

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@Ignasi @Hugo

Have been trying for over 2 hours now also, as have a number of other players.

Please address this ASAP

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Hello, we’ve reached out to G-Portal to look into any possible server issues and have also registered the reported client behavior for our team to investigate, apologies for the situation.


Game mode: Online 3212
Problem: Rebirth infinite loading
Region: EC

Rebirth infinite loading

We need a fix asap!

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EC]


Closer to the raid time there is no possibility to revive (the timer hangs for 0 seconds) and enter the server. The problem persists for the third day and requires a solution. Server is on PlayStation 4

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

The problem is still ongoing stuck in the screen for 15 min now

Hi @Hugo @Ignasi, we’re still experiencing these same problems, it’s been several days now and server population is dropping fast because of it. It would be greatly appreciated if you could please investigate further and solve this issue. Thanks.

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Tengo el mismo problema

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