[EU] [PC] [PvP] Exiled for Exhibitionism - start 20.05., mostly vanilla, no map rooms

Welcome to the Exiled for Exhibitionism server!

This is a vanilla, no-mod (except No-Map-Rooms), no avatar PVP server with moderation. It is meant to be balanced between PVP and PVE, so that you can experience both aspects of the game at your own pace.
Clan max size: 6
Raid times during weekends only (19:00 to 22:00 CEST) so you can have a chance to defend your base, but you can PVP at any given time.

→ only one big-sized base per clan/solo player and a maximum of 5 small outposts
land claiming with foundations/pillars or else is strictly forbidden
→ your construction must not block any access
→ every base/outpost has to be raidable

→ complete destruction of an enemy base is forbidden
new player friendly policy
don’t raid the same clan nor kill the same player several times in a row

→ we expect our players to behave with maturity and respect .

These rules are meant to promote the thriving of a healthy community.

Like what you see? Join us in exile!
On our Discord you can check out the rules in detail: discord.gg/wn7twXF
Once you have accepted the rules, you gain access to the IP address of the server.