[EU] ZYLO PVP Solo/Duo/Trio 3x [FRESH WIPE 28.12.23]

:star2: Welcome to Zylo [EU] PvP / 3x XP / Fun - The Exiled Lands Beckon! :star2:

:shield: About Zylo:

  • PVP Focused Server: Engage in thrilling battles and conquer the Exiled Lands!
  • Fresh Start After Recent Wipe: As of 28.12, a new chapter unfolds - everything’s wide open!
  • Welcoming Solo, Duo, and Trio Players: Form alliances or stand strong on your own!
  • Discover the Lore of Zylo: A server that weaves its own tales amidst the treacherous lands.

:sunrise_over_mountains: Specs & Info:
:world_map: Server IP: (Query Port: 36715)
:world_map: Server Location: Frankfurt, Germany (EU)
:crossed_swords: Player Limit: 60
Current Map: Exile Lands
Discord: discord.gg/CVyBpjAc ← Join our discord

:shield: PVP Adventure Awaits! :bow_and_arrow:

  • Seek your fortune in this harsh realm ripe with challenges.
  • Fight for dominance or form alliances to thrive together.
  • Unleash your strategies and rise to become a legend in Zylo.

:european_castle: Build, Conquer, and Survive! :crossed_swords:

  • Forge epic fortresses or hidden enclaves across the Exiled Lands.
  • Explore and exploit the land’s resources to fuel your journey.
  • Encounter thrills and dangers at every turn in this dynamic, ever-evolving world.

Join us on Zylo and carve your saga in the unforgiving Exiled Lands!

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Did this server get deleted or something? I can’t find “Zylo”.