Every day i got disconnect from the server

Hello, this is my problem, every day when i play in isle of siptah map, in Official server #8000 PvE in ps4 i got disconnect, and when o try connect again i have to wait a long time, this is frustrating, i hope you got this fixed soon please, thanks!

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You need to report server issues through zendesk.

Good Luck!


As @LordKAA says please report will be Monday until Funcom folks get on.


Disconnects are usually a result of high ping times. If PS has a Server Listing like on PC check the ping as soon as you get one of those disconnects. If it’s over 200 or so then that’s why.

Remedies include getting a better provider, finding a closer server with a lower ping.

You might also wanna update the firmware in your router, and make sure the cabling is good and proper.

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