Exalted Lands Lv300 Cap PvE/PvP/RP- Custom content

Are you fed up with ‘Alpha Clans’ ruining your game? Are you getting bored of original Conan, and looking to extend your gameplay? Are you a newbie, looking to find friendly people to help you? Do you want to join a clan? Want to dabble in RP? Maybe you love RP and want a server for this?

  • Unique faction system with rewards, designed by our admins
  • Several mods adds new placeables, weapons and dungeons
  • 20 slots (more will be added when needed)
  • Lots of active players
  • RP not compulsory
  • US server, but in the EU there is barely lag (Ping is worse than EU official, but lag is better. Go figure)
  • A multi-cultural server, someone is always online due to time differences
  • No Stone-aging allowed
  • Start-up welcome house with freebies
  • Player run markets (come and create your own!). Everyone even gets a free thespian to setup shop with!
  • Fresh players all the time, you won’t be the only newbie
  • Active admins, always open to player suggestions and ideas and always adding new content almost daily
  • Friendly, helpful and respectful players
  • No resets, but abandoned builds are monitored and cleared if it is confirmed players have left
  • PvP Free zone (PvE)
  • Great RP/PvP/Building Rules to cater for all
  • Events with prizes
    Direct Connect:
    Discord: discord.gg/HWgPdk8

Come join us, you won’t regret it!