Falling through Floors, Can't Interact with Doors or Stations

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [UK]


Players across the server begin to fall through there own foundation floors, cant interact with wheels, doors or crafting stations. This has been happening for some time now and a restart always seems to solve it. It usually affects one region then spreads like a virus across the whole server.

Today I think it started with me, I collided with my own bearer briefley got stuck and fell through the floors, people then across the server reported the same.

things i noticed are:

  1. Fighters and archer thralls can’t kill creeps I can though
  2. Enemy npcs, animals etc do no damage to me
  3. Archer arrows bounce off enemy
  4. If my bed is in a tower I fall through floors after respawn to my death again!!

Hope the above helps!


Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Hey there @pinkfluffy

You specify in your report that this happens in a private server. Are there any installed mods in that server?

Hi ignasis

Nope no installed mods at all.

For me it has happened, after have logged in, I cannot interact with certain foundations, walls, crafted stations etc, litelarry just floating on top of them or going through them, after relogged, this bug had spread on other type of buildings, re logging once more solved that too. Happens quite often thou.

Official server and no mods

Thanks for the extra information, we’ll send it to our team :slight_smile:

WOW WOW WOW :scream::exploding_head:
I have taken a break from Conan for about 9 months now to see if ANYTHING would have changed, and it seems that issues that broke the game 9months ago is still happening, but there has been a crap load of DLC’s.

How is it that you guys can turn out 5 DLC’s but not fix the core functionality of the game???

How can you still be selling this game for $40 knowing that it is not working propperly, this is daylight robbery and it is absolutely clear to me why your client base has diminished to almost nothing. Pro tip, fix the damn core game play and make sure what you promised initially is working, you will be surprised how quickly you will get players back, THEN AND ONLY THEN do you start worrying about your DLC’s.

I have always said it and I will say it again, this game has got so much potential, but unfortunately the developers and producers isn’t in the least phased about fixing the game, they rather just want to bleed the last drops out of their dedicated client base :rage:

Damn hoped so much that the game would have at least been fixed to an extend by now…

Hey there,

Please do not derail this topic. If there is any extra issue you want to report, please start a new thread. For any other general discussions about the state of the game, please share it on its designated section.


I have noticed this myself on multiple private servers. I do not play the official servers so cannot confirm that. I built a central city and it works fine in single player/co-op but now that it has moved to a private server we will get this happening when logging in or respawning at that location from a bed, bedroll, etc. It seems to be trying to load data and in transit not completing it causing the issue. I think many report it more with foundations but it can and does happen with anything. I think it also might be causing issues with upgrading building pieces as well or climbing affected wall parts.

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