Fatal Error - Please Help!

Hi, since today always i start my SP Session i get this error:

Fatal Error:
[File:C:\UE4\CSAND\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\ScriptCore.cpp] [Line: 1137]
Failed to find function Update Extended Layout in AB_human_female_C\Game\Maps\ConanSandbox.ConanSandbox:PersistentLevel.BasePlayerChar_C_0.CharacterMesh0.AB_human_female_C_0

I have some Mods installed, but never had any problems since the last Update (Yesterday)

I hope someone can help me here…


Fount the cause: it was the mod Alternate animations.

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Ah, glad to hear a solution was found. :slight_smile: Sorry for the trouble!

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