Fix / Amend The Camel

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Top Secret

Bug Description:

The camel is still classed as a follower and not a mount which makes the camel pretty much useless, this has been asked for on many occasions over the years,.

i don’t want to ride the camel, just have them follow me with a follower as the horse does, was really looking forward to getting the missing part for the DLC only to find the camel is still a fighter and not a mount.

Bug Reproduction:

Get hyped the camel is on BP
Grind for level 12 on the BP to get the camel
Dodge beasties to buy a camel calf
Put camel in pen
Put shadespiced fiber in pen
Wait, lots
Make sorcerers pet food
Craft camel
Ask camel to follow and lose my bearer
Get disappointed


Camel’s aren’t a mount as Elephants are fighters aswell. its not a bug

It’s a bug, oversight, hence fix / amend.

The camel was supposed to be moved to mounts years ago when horses were introduced, the issue was brought up again when horses were nerfed and made non combat.

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I may be having a senior moment but i thought the camel you can buy from the non-hostile exile camp on the north coast of Siptah was ride-able, its fully grown when you buy it and able to be placed on to the map right away not like the baby camels we get from the Den. I haven’t done Siptah in a long while so i may be remembering wrong, but i have recollection of riding it.

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Got the IOS DLC but have only been there once or twice, been on the EL for about five years, would be great to ride a camel but just as a carrier with support from me and a thrall would be better TBH.

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@NesterT2 I am a senior moment at times . About 3 weeks ago we went to a Siptah official bought the camels thinking we could place the camels :camel: and run back home it was a long slow trip home 4 island lynx and a house cat :cat2: double checked with my wife all had to go in a animal pen and you can not ride the infernal invisible half the time camels unfortunately. Played Exiles since day one never bought a camel so have no clue what they were like there when they showed up. As our current clan name states TRUST but VERIFY. Good Hunting.

I don’t remember ride-able camels on the IoS and I got it from the early access (PC). They always were “undercombatants” which doesn’t make sense for me. Another even more annoying thing is Rhino. They are mounts now - some of them. When you decide to tame one you never know what you get, mount or fighter. The best solution would be to divide taming mounts and fighters. Imagine that if you put Rhino Calf/Camel Calf/Elephant Calf/Foul into Stables you always get a mount and if you put Rhino Calf/Elephant Calf into Animal Pen you always get a fighter, ordinary or “alpha”. It would be much less confusing for new players.

Camels should not be mountable BUT player should be able to command them to spit - be it on NPC or another player. :grin:

Nah, camels should be a mount as well as elephants.

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not a bug, and i dream to mount it!

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