Fix thralls already!

I get funcom wants players more involved. But when an accursed berserker dies to 2 t1 accursed fighters, something needs to be done. I cannot get a thrall to level 20 because they die so god damned easily against trash mobs.(i was fighting mad milly on siptah and her minions killed my lvl 10 berserker like she was a t1 from noob river on exiled lands) Even with end game armor and weapons. All i want is the hood from the journey and i am pulling what is left of my hair out in frustration at this. Easily leveled thralls die in seconds, and t4 thralls do almost as bad. And the are useless in base defense now as well. Why even keep them if your going to leave them utterly useless at this point? Just remove thralls from the game or fix them!

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I feel your frustration. I ran a max North surge the other day with myself and two level 20 dingalings. My thralls died to two Aesir that were low but had maces while I died to the boss. :weary:

Why do people think this game is pokemon :sweat_smile: use an authority build if you want your thrall to be op its that simple.

You can solo everything in the game with no gear on and basic weapons with a little bit of skill, but people are still hiding behind there thralls lol

Theres many builds out right now. 3 or 4 good authority builds to make your thralls op on reddit in the last month lol

Stop blaming the game.


Well, that’s right, there are 7 warriors and three Yakits in the camp, not counting Milly. If at least four attack the berserker at the same time, he will be in trouble. Just like in life. There you need to go in from the bay and deal first with the Yakit, then with the warrior, then lure out two artisans, then the alchemist, then Milly, and deal with them sequentially. And only then go down the steps into the decisive battle.


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