Fixed Maproom Exploit

I’n the update that broke everything it patch notes said they fixed an exploit involving the maprooms. What was fixed?
Did it actually work?

I only know of one exploit and it is still a thing.

The update that added the dungeon under the Set city. Patch notes said it fixed the maproom exploit. I’m curious if it fixed one I didn’t know about or it it just didn’t work.

Maybe there are multiple glitches that produce the same result, and they’ve fixed them one at a time. Or maybe it’s a copy-paste error from last week. Or maybe they thought they had fixed it last week, retried, and now (believe) they’ve fixed it for reals.

amen, i have yet to see a sinlge update that does not break something else in CE.

There are a few functional reasons why this exploit occurs in the first place. I can assume fixing the underlying reasons is dependent on the body model and the player’s viewpoint, both of which are being tweaked on the reg. This is from deduction, not from any citeable resource. There were some other minor exploits related to Maps, but I haven’t had time to test them.

I think there was a building trick (lets say floating), but have not tested it out to see if it still exists.

So anyone know what the glitch was that got fixed?

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