Fluid Press won't press the 50 Putrid Meat to Ichor..?

Fluid Press won’t press the 50 Putrid Meat to Ichor…
-The Fluid Press otherwise working as usual.

According to the official wiki this should work. When I get the time to log on I can try it out but I haven’t actually tried to press putrid meet into ichor in a very long time so I can’t say if it is currently working or not.


Is this in single-player or online? Are you using any mods? What platform are you playing on? When did it start happening? etc.

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I just tested this. As soon as I stuck the second stack of 25 in instantly started to convert it into ichor. I do not know why your game would be doing so unless there is a mod conflict as @CodeMage was asking about. The server I tested it on does have mods but only 6.

OKAY now after some hours, the Fluid Press works again. Don’t know why or what, but WITHOUT restarting the game, the Press are working again. :-?

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