Forsaken Tales RP-PVP

Forsaken Tales

Grimdark/18+/Slavery/Supernatural races
∎ Conan Lore Server with a sprinkling of Custom alterations
∎ In depth and immersive dice-oriented system (Roleplay Redux)
∎ Conflict-oriented RP within grimdark theme

Forsaken Tales was created with the intention of emulating former dice server Blood Moon - Taking and utilizing some of the excellent features and concepts as a tribute. We also enslaved a select few from the staff team who continue to show the dedication and passion for creativity that is so important for the RP community.

If you enjoy a challenging, organic and immersive experience – we have a place for you!
We keep to a clear no-meta policy that ensures RP stays fully focused in game and on the characters you create. Our view is that RP is a liberating and collaborative story telling experience and we aim to support that in every aspect.

What Forsaken Tales has to offer:-

∎ Custom Classes! Providing individual scripted thespian quests for progression and rewards! - :crossed_swords: :magic_wand: :dagger: :bow_and_arrow:
∎ Custom Artisan System! A set of professions through thespians to enrich and enhance your RP experience - creating trade and economy RP more immersive! :hammer_pick: :hatching_chick: :test_tube: :thread: :carpentry_saw: :mag:
∎ Custom Quests! Used to guide you through lore and inspire adventuring throughout the lands. :book: :man_running:
∎ Dedicated DMs (Dungeon Masters) for story telling! Ready and prepared to assist you with all your wild ideas and rituals! Custom item/event creation highly encouraged! :candle::man_mage:
∎ Custom abilities and items in the dice system, created from lore references or player made by our talented team! :boom: :drop_of_blood::person_fencing: :beers:
∎ Conflict between nations/races in a lore accurate manner is expected and encouraged! :knife: :people_wrestling:
∎ Custom close to lore ‘Non Human’ races available - Serpentmen, Cambions, Giant-kin, Halflings! More to come and actively developed! (Limited Slots!) :snake: :smiling_imp:
∎ Character registrations required - Ensuring legitimate and lore accurate characters. Our team is actively here to support you. :scroll:
∎ Starter kits and building kits provided to get your exiled life up and running quickly! :bricks: :pick:
∎ Caravan system - For quick travel in as immersive a manner as possible. :horse:
∎ Player driven global story - Every action you make in the universe we have created has the capability to shift the server narrative! Excite! :mount_fuji: :volcano: :clapper:
∎ Active Admins - We are passionate about your RP experience and are open to suggestions and concepts created by our player base! :ear: :thumbsup: :writing_hand: :person_running:

Great server, for anyone who is looking.
Excellent rule set for those who favor dice over mechanical PvP.

Custom quests for character progression, and an experienced RP community.