Forum category tag spam

What happened to the forums!? The category tag spam. I was making a post about this last week and then blam it was fixed so I didn’t submit. Then 10 min later it reappeared. I figured I’d give it some time but it seems it’s still here after about a week.

It makes sense here:

But it does not make sense within the category. It makes it a bit painful to read thread titles in the categories as compared to before. We know we’re in the ‘General Discussion’ category but every thread title doesn’t need to remind us:

(And I’m sure the mods or whoever else may find this funny/sad, as people have so many issues with the game and here I am complaining about the forums :slight_smile: )


It took me a few seconds to realize what you are talking about and yeah the flashy red can go. If anyone else is wondering, this is what op is talking about:

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I’m glad you brought this up. It looks especially cluttered on a flashy screen like an iPad.

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So… I guess we are alone. lmao

Until this thread I never noticed. Now I notice… but still dont care…:man_shrugging:

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