Forward old forum url here

10 years of muscle memory still send me to the old forums instead of here. is there a way to forward the old URL to here for people too lazy to fix old habits?


I wonder if you’ve got it cached somehow. Typing “” in two different browsers’ address bar sends me to these newfangled lands.

(Speaking of the old forums, I found them with simple Google fu when testing to see what the result would be like. Seem they’re archived out there on a non-https address?)

I still get the old forums at

Okay, that works for me too.

Edit: Also, yeah, what I said in my previous post.

I hope they keep the old forums as an archive, there’s so much information there that will never make it here :frowning:

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interesting. it must’ve been a dns issue or something cuz i was just getting a dead site :confused:

They do! In fact, the link in Zagadka’s post points there.


Old>>New This version is horrible.

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It takes some adjustment, and we definitely don’t have the depth or dozens of subforums… but with the activity load we have, it is fine. If you scroll under the forums list to the Recent Activity, you can follow every post easily.

AO users never like new things. I expected to be inundated with complaints.


This attitude reminds me why noone has missed your “moderating” in the last 4 years. :joy:

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