Foundation spam as far as the eye can see

Hello, my clan and I have just returned from about a year hiatus or so, on Xbox Official Server 2807, to be greated by the all to familiar world that is Conan Exiles Official PVP. Now, right of the bat, we do not shy away from PVP, we’re on these servers for a reason, but tend to react, rather than act. As we’ve been away for some time, our priority interest has been running the dungeons that have since been added to the game (which from the two newest we’ve managed so far, amazing job). All of this brings me to the point of our rather unpleasant start back. From day one on 2807, we were already being chased by a silent legion clad gang, which is annoying, but absolutely not the issue at hand. This group has taken BUILD, of “Survive, Build, Conquer,” straight to the heart. Their numerous base’ spam, can almost take up entire map grid blocks. Our main annoyance is they have started to land claim block around our base… 3 days onto the server. Kinda pathetic. We would love to engage in all activities that CE provides, but under current conditions, I don’t see the odds at an even balance, and given the updated guidelines that we’re all greeted to upon login, I would like to believe that we shouldn’t have to. I have more than a few screenshots of Chaos Theory’s “handy work,” should a dev or admin reply. Any help from the mods or Admins would be appreciated. Thank you


Hello buddy, visit this article, it will help you a lot and they explain how to try to solve your problem.

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This here is a userforum, so reports don’t have much effect here.
Read the linked article above; especially the part about how to get in contact with Funcom staff

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its pvp :wink: welcome back

This is not PvP; it is cheating and bannable offences, if proven

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pvp = blocking, preventing players from over taking specific key spot.
join them of die trying to overthrow them

I play on XBOX 2996, it’s cool, try it out. :ok_hand:

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Thanks! What time zone is that?

Yes, that is PvP; DDOS ain’t

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@Jake.logan.taylor Welcome back. Read the new server rules take pictures and videos direct messages to @Hugo or @Ignasi remember these guys are working from home. Give them a chance. From what I understand pve and pve c are not any better. Good luck.

ddos is common thing in survival games.
you dont want ddos? you dont want ? land claim spam? you dont want grief? maybe pve-c is more your thing . or you could buy a private server with your own rules.

It may be common, but it’s still wrong, and in many cases at least borderline illegal.

Oh, I already play on a private PVP server. I have no patience cheats and trolls :smiley:
It may be common to DDoS in a survival game, but that does not make it less of a bannable offence as per FCs Terms of conduct

Hacks and Exploits

The use and abuse of hacks and exploits on official servers is not tolerated.

Hacks are uses and abuses of third-party programs that inject code and modify aspects of the game to provide unfair advantage against other players. For instance: super speed, hitbox detection, wallhacks and server DDoS.

Exploits are uses and abuses of game mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players including creating a detrimental play experience. For instance, item duplication, stashing of materials under the world terrain (undermesh), crashing servers or other player’s clients, accessing forbidden areas of the game and abuses of the building system of the game to negatively impact server and client performance.

So that would make the OP entirely justified to report this to FC with evidence, and he shouldn’t have to listen to condescending posts advising him to tolerate cheats

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40 Slots
3x Experience, 3xHarvest.

Private server?

That is like saying, you don’t ever want your bank account hacked, don’t shop online. Siding with the exploiter is always a sign of underlying approval of those types of methods, imo.