[FOUR KINGDOMS] PVP/RPG/60 Slots (PC) [AGE OF CALAMITOUS] Come play with us!

Brand NEW Age of Calamitous Relaxed 60 Slot PVP server. More fun, less boring grind
If you’re looking for a pvp server without tons of spots taken this is a good one to try.
There is an amazing mod list adding tons of content and the server runs fine.

We average 9-12 players on weekends!!! So we are populated!

We averaged 10/60 players our first weekend and would like to recruit more players

Server IP: (Make sure you have the mods installed)

Hit me up on discord at Saint#4964 I can help you get the mods.

My steam name is tridentnova

[link to mods]

[discord link]

Please throw me a message if you wanna know if its worth playing or wanna talk before joining. Everyone who has joined has enjoyed the experience

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Great Server with dedicated owner! I love how all of the Mods work together!

Hop on in dude! We’re about 12-15 members strong in just 4 days!

Fun n Epic at the same time XD, Epic peeps and fun environment to play in, 10/10 give a go!!!

Thanks for the reply! We had 15 people on last weekend. Server’s been kinda quiet this week though.

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Best server in a long time

Thanks for the reply!

Yeet skeet i having fun on this server.

Come on and join! if you’re interested in the server please leave a comment!

I’m glad you think that!

Hope we can get even more players in!

bump up! We need more people! :slight_smile:

We are implementing kits so players can obtain loyalty items!

bump up y’all. Join te server

Averaging 9-12 players on weekends. We would love to have more!

Sorry but I’m going to have to give this nice post a big ol BUMP

We’re only going to have 4 actual kingdoms now with sub-factions.

join my faction if you want to!