FPS, desmontado y tralls

Buenas tardes, tras la última actualización, el número de fps ha bajado muchísimo hasta hacer imposible jugar al juego. Ya sea en la casa o en un campamento,bajan tanto los fps, que apenas puedo moverme.

Segundo, en el banco de desmontado, si quiero poner las cosas que he conseguido en un campamento, tengo que ir poniendo de una en una, ya que no las pone para desmontar, sino que las pone como si fueran parte del inventario.

Tercero, cuando vas a poner ahora un esclavo en un banco, debes hacerlo de forma manual, porque lo manda al inventario del banco, no lo coloca en su puesto.

Cuarto, hay muchos problemas a la hora de abrir cofres y bancos de trabajo, ya que en muchas ocasiones, sale la rueda para moverlos o romperlos.

Muchísimas gracias y espero lo solucionen cuanto antes.


Yes the stupid action wheel on work benches and chests bug is maddening. You try to interact with inventory and the wheel to move or dismantle that work bench pops up incessantly, until you can click on a second work bench, or thrall or some such, to reset the game. All the small inconveniences, small by themselves work together to just make the game much less enjoyable. The immersion is gone.

I took another break from Conan, and started playing a different game, a game that I admit has a very grindy inventory system, and it was a joy, an absolute joy to play something, not Conan, that was bug free.

After every Conan patch, I now take multiple months off from playing Conan, I hop into the Forums to check on the state of bugs that I have encountered. Thank you @Bujujux , for taking the time to post. I give Funcom full credit when things are fixed and working well.

But, When Funcom breaks the game with each and every game rework, I happily come onto the Forums, and agree with others, and say yes it is not just me. Thank you again for reporting that stupid action wheel glitch. I really thought it was just me. Crashing has also been re-introduced, and game that was really well optimized, is now slowed and glitchy-slash-jumpy, with its low FPS.

Cuando llega la purga es imposible jugar. El juego se desconecta y no puedes entrar.

When the purge arrives it is impossible to play. The game disconnects and you can’t log in.

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Could you please let us know if you notice this stuttering/freezing in specific spots on the map? If so, please send us a screenshot of the in-game map pointing to these locations.

Do specific activities/actions make this issue worse? If so, could you please let us know which ones and give more details?

Thank you in advance :smile:

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