Free DLC on Xbox

How do I get the free full nude DLC on the Xbox when it says you have to have the game to download it, yet there is no link to download it. Are they expecting existing owners to buy the game again?

Maybe some of those will be useful?

The solution referring to the DLC code for preview owners was just for the Conan Royal Armour which I got in May last year, since then I haven’t had any codes for anything for Conan. I even spoke to MS on a 40 minute phone chat trying to explain the deal and they couldn’t even give me a code even though they told me I bought the game in Dec 2017. I can’t see it being a region thing as the PC version was fully nude in the UK since it’s launch. She said they will look into it and gave me case number, so we’ll have to wait and see I guess as I’m not buying the game again.

It’s been an issue for a few people in the past, but I’m not sure if or how it was resolved (I’m a PC player myself). Maybe you’ll have luck with the search function (I just picked the first three that seemed likely from their title, I guess no lucky hits there).

As to this, however:

I can’t say, but I do believe there have been issues if there was a mismatch between the game region and the account region, or some such. Again, not an Xbox player, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

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