Frost dragon trophy?

There’s already trophies for the Red Mother and the Green Dragon. The big question is why is there no trpohy for the Frost Dragon?
It would just require a reskin of the existing trophies to implement it. So why hasn’t this been domne already?
Another cool trophy, of course, would be the skull of the undead dragon.


This has come up previously is discussion, and it is a great idea. In fact more trophy options in general would be amazing. I’m in favour.


Yes, please! I’d like a trophy for the white dragon and for the undead dragon, too!


That would inspire me to make a larger trophy room.


what CodeMage said :slight_smile:

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Yea we’ve been asking for years with no answer. It’s kinda annoying. Especially with how many times they completely mess up the game every update you’d think maybe giving players a white dragon head would be a nice thing to do for a dedicated fan base but nope, cuz hey F us right?

Yes, my castle needs this.

You have my vote.


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