Frost Temple Bugged

Since the new update three days ago it has been impossible to farm the black ice nodes in the frost temple. Today, I now have discovered another side effect of the update which makes the walls of the frost cave unclimbable as well.
Looking for black ice and seeing many nodes down below the forge that I had never seen before, I was enticed to jumping down to where there is an ice dragon boss. After he became glitched in the wall I was able to confirm that no walls are climbable and that the nodes down there also would not yield black ice.
Please fix the ice cave… due to the fact that most people on my server (US West 3838) use black ice to build and also the sudden increase in the cost of black ice structures there is now a massive black ice shortage which is creating tensions where there were none before.
Thank you


it has been reported multiple times on all platforms. waiting for the fix. thank you for the feedback.

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