Full nudity not available on gamepass PC

Makes no sense why not able to access nudity settings on gamepass PC, im able to do full nudity on XBOX gamepass, but not on pc, the only way on pc to access settings is if internet is disconneted, but as soon as i connect internet no more settings, to select, so this maybe a funcom servers issue, when is this going to be fixed? see this bug around, people complaining for years.

I’m assuming that you’re experiencing this in single player. Nudity is a setting that needs to be set in two places, the server and the client. When you play SP, it is actually running a server on your PC to start the game on. Once you start a SP game (and get past character creation), you can then go into server settings, change the settings to full nudity, then go to game play settings and change it there too. Until you start a game, there is no server settings tab and therefor you can’t change the max nudity settings for the server.

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on gamepass on pc the options doesnt even appear to select the nuditty settings, on console it works, its a bug i´ve seen here in forum that from what i´ve seen not been solved, this is on gamepass version

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