Funcional bugs in Isle of Siptah

I would like to report about some kinds of bugs that disturb the jogability actually on this game at this moment.
I observed that the “Gloves of Jhil” its not working as the description. When I equips appear the buff and its so fast to desapear the buff called “Jhil’s Stamina”.
The other thing is that my character is recover the stamina so slowly as the others players and I recover only when im without weapon on the hands.
Whe all the players uses the potion called “Yellow Lotus” to reset the talents and status of the character we loses recipes knowled with scrolls.

Do you have Sigil of the Serpent equipped?

What kind of scrolls? I have just tried and my voidforged recipes that you learn with scrolls are still available.

I have the mark equiped isnt It work with the gloves?
When i reset with the potion i usualy lost the New recipes like the New eldarium recipes that i got on a camps and others

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