Funcom Modding Code of Conduct

  1. Would basically cober using the access the devkit gives you to create a mod that can be ised officials. Although very unlikely, 3rd party hacks may be avle to use hownthe devkit works to inject code into an api etc while playing on officials.

Making direct money from a mod is not allowed as far as i know. But if someone wanted me to make a model in blender and then sell it to a them to use in thier mod, then that could be a one time charge that is not directly the mod itself.

The unreal marketplace is precedent for that already. Making a model in Blender that you sell is not involving the devkit. You could just as easily sell it on the unreal marketplace without involving CE at all.


I am surprises funcom didn’t lock this thread.

My list is one necessary and sufficient condition; we receive the devkit. I ask no more and am grateful for that alone.

Tongue in cheek set aside for a moment… my one necessary benefit is already met and cared for to my satisfaction.


Thank you. I am not good enough at blender to make money. TBH modders would probably pay me to NOT make models lol.


I see a lot of people treating this code of conduct as something that it most likely isn’t. I think people need to take a step back and remember how Official Servers Terms of Conduct are being put in practice.

Let’s be blunt: Funcom Modding Code of Conduct is a document that Funcom can now point at if they ever decide to pull another mod from the workshop.

What we’re looking at is yet another way of trying to keep the cost down. Until you see the community managers engaging more actively with the community, the way they used to, don’t expect any positive changes from documents like this one.


Good point. You could effectively say everyone is in violation of this. Just following the laws in my country breaks laws in another. Including countries that still have access to the Steam Workshop.

Being an American allows me for example to create content that is outlawed in a great many places. And I think I’ll just stick with my native country’s laws anyway. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve given interpol issues.

Many of these rules should be on the subscriber to decide. If they find something they don’t like, they can unsubscribe.

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You aren’t breaking a law if it doesn’t apply to you. It’s definitional. It also doesn’t take a law degree to know that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Just because I can’t state the statute that says it’s against the law to steal, I know it is the law. Even if I didn’t know it was against the law… I’d still go to jail.

The code of conduct is fine.


Honestly a “Modders Code of Conduct” leaves a sour taste behind it. I can understand the sentiment, but speaking very, very broadly for a moment, it’s none of their business how people choose to mod their copy of the game.

Still, within the context of a mod hosting platform like the Steam workshop, it is a good idea to have some basic guidelines. Both to encourage a positive community atmosphere and to protect the company somewhat when issues arise. Of course that only works if the rules are enforced clearly and consistently, which is a whole other can of worms all on it’s own. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

15 minutes after this was posted, AndyB (community manager) was engaging with modders on the Modding Discord about this very code of conduct post.

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It is when you realize they spend quite a bit of development on the devkit and hand it out for free. The devkit and mods need to remain a positive for the game. I can’t find it (maybe it’s in the modder’s discord) but there is a Ts&Cs for the devkit that has been around for ages that explains in more specific terms what is allowed and not allowed. Basically, don’t use anything you don’t have the rights to, etc. It becomes their business if say, I included music under copyright in my mod without the permission of the creator/a license and the musician in question decided to sue. FC would have some liability in that instance so if I was caught doing it, my rights to the devkit should be revoked as I am not being responsible and it exposes FC to financial risk. So while yeah, largely a mod is whatever you want to do to the game to make it different, it’s not carte blanche. There is one rule in particular that I won’t state here that while it is not illegal per se, it is non grata for inclusion in mods. There are bounds as in all things that basically boil down to, “be a good caretaker” and in this case of the devkit and the game.


I do hope, that this helps with some of the issues, and like makes it a friendlier place, like funcom having to step in like this to add this in, I’m guessing this isn’t just because of Tot Custom but other issues within the past couple of years. The Pippigate sitaution and other issues that have come up.

So like at the end of the day, like, these guide lines I think will at least help with things. I certainly hope they will, I do think they need to be more clarified with examples and exceptions though.

I don’t really agree with this. Conan Exiles is Funcom’s property and they get to absolutely decide how its used by 3rd Parties.

My biggest beef is how we’re supposed to interact with others. The EULA’s that govern the devkit and the steam workshop pretty much indicate we’re not to use our mods to attack people, and I’m fine with that.

But this new document indicates that we have to be nice outside the devkit. What I say to a player outside the devkit and outside the game is my business. If I want to tell a player to go pound sand because well whatever reason on a discord server I run, then that’s between them, myself, and discord.

Which I can say I’m going to continue with what I am doing in that regard. I’m technically in violation of about 9 points out of 10 on this document lol. I don’t really see this as something they intend to enforce. I have a lot of respect for Ignasi, but he kinda wasted his time here truth be told.

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People regularly being banned with no idea why, and can’t get any straight answers when asked. If mods are handled in the same way as official servers, then modders have a dark future ahead.


I don’t doubt that. I’m not saying the community managers never do anything. Note that I said “the way they used to”. I remember the times when they were much more engaged with the player community. Those were the times when the playerbase actually had a community rather than just being a bunch of people yelling at Funcom and at each other all the time.

Pretty much, yes. I expect the same for the mods, but on a different scale.

The future is probably not that dark.

My prediction is that you can expect the same handling, but much fewer incidents. There are many official servers and many players on them and the vast majority of those players don’t actually give a shіt about rules. Also, players have an incentive to report other players.

The modding scene is different, I think. Fewer people, to start with. I also expect there will be fewer modders reporting other modders.

You did note that I stated I was speaking broadly, right?

In any case, no, they don’t. Not generally anyway. If I buy a car, it’s not the manufacturers concern how I use it. If I want to take the doors off or replace the wheels with tank tracks or drive it into a trash compacter, that’s all on me. They’ve got nothing to do with it.

And yes, I’m aware that there’s still people out there who will try to hold the manufacturer responsible regardless. They are wrong to do so.

But wait, since you are using the devkit then you are associated with the company, therefore it is their business how you behave outside of the devkit and they absolutely get to decide what you can say or do.

See how that works? :wink:

So where do you want to draw the line of responsibility?

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I already drew the line. Whether its done in the devkit or not.

That was pretty simple for everyone to see.

“This new document” has the same weight as a bag of popcorn on the moon. Unlike EULA, it’s not legally binding in any way. Even EULA’s have limits, e.g. they can’t take away a freedom guaranteed by a law, but this? This is a “code of conduct” and should be treated as such.

In context of Conan Exiles, as we’ve learned from a previous example, a “code of conduct” is little more than a CYA measure for Funcom.

So what are some possible consequences of telling your user to pound sand on a Discord server you run? The user might get pissy and send an e-mail to the address provided in this document. Then Funcom might decide to do something about it. And then your mod might get pulled from Steam workshop, in which case you might have to distribute it via an alternate route, because users can use non-Steam mods.

That’s a lot of “ifs” and “mights” and “coulds”.

Of course not. Does anyone here honestly believe they published something that will heap more work onto their plates? That makes no sense at all.

Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s his job to communicate this stuff :wink:

I’m going to assume ignorance since by your own admission you are not in a certain discord (according to a comment you made in another thread). But replace every Might in the quoted statement with Did.

And the consequences was that someone had their mod suspended off the workshop. They had to contact Valve, who told them to contact Funcom, who had them send an email, who scheduled a voice call, which then got the whole thing sent to a board to review.

Now that was reviewed in favor of said modder and he was ruled to have the suspension lifted. But I can only imagine the stress, headache, and work that went into that, that I imagine most modders here wouldn’t want to go through.

Creating a hostile environment in one’s discord, and ignoring other modders are some of the things that the mod author in question was accused of by others in our community, which led to the actions taken by Funcom. And its because of the review by said board is what led to the creation of this Code of Conduct. As I said, it was a waste of time because they could simply stat out of the community drama that happens outside these forums.

Trust me, I’m sure the one who made the message already knows my opinion. And to be fair to him, he handled the mod ban situation as well as I figured he would.

But this whole thing reeks of…

Seen that way too many times, and probably won’t be the last.

yeah i understand the caveat of “the way they used to” being used. i wasn’t around back then so i don’t have the frame of reference that you have. i was just making the point that, in this instance, funcom staff and modders were in contact and discussing this issue within minutes of it being posted. wasn’t trying to disprove your point or intentionally take it out of context.