Funcom money making idea

Sell rez potions that work in raids. Watch them fly off the self.

Its called having 4 conqs.


I find it really fascinating how some people actually WANT p2w in a game.

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play a hox?!

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why ? the only boss that can kill people without mistakes being made is maybe Master Gyas with Execute.


Age of Conan Remastered, releved, rebalanced, etc. etc. etc.
Release of a Developers tool that will make it possible for us to modify the Game via Engine and create the files. Upload the files on a Funcom controlled Virtual Storage, their Developers will check it, modify as necessary, enable it on Servers like Testlive and then Released as Payed Content. Modder recieve one time payment too.
Modders will take care of the details. We’ll use our own Modding Tools (Lots of Open Source content available) to do the rest.
From Mesh and Texture creation, to Scripting, to Animation creation via Blender and so on.
In fact Funcom will make even money out of the Modders who seek to Test and evolve their own skills by creating stuff for it.
Once we Modders know the Engine we will be capable to work even on DLCs, Proffesional Voice Acting and implement Parts of Todd Howard’s Hyboria. Needless to mention what we can achieve with Optimization and Post Processing, quest implementation, Dungeons and Raids with the already present AoC World.
And Funcom will just Review it, tweak what is necessary with a small team (Less expenses) we get payed for our work as Freelancers for our Creation and Funcom will just release it.
The rest is all about propper Marketing which Funcom has to re-think and the Item Store has to be filled with more Quality of Life and Vanity stuff that people will actually bother to purchase.
As long as that stuff isn’t P2W its fine.
Also propper Coding and Anti - Cheat System.

Lets hope they learned from former mistakes and that Dune will be a change. And sc#$w release dates. Just finish a good product no matter how long it takes.

We also have to move away from Singe Thread Technology and open ways for the Game to work at the level ‘‘The Users Hardware’’ allows.


Man you must be smoking some good sh*t.


You know what? Bethesda is thinking about developing an RPG that will feature an Online Open World Environment and i’ve been working with their Engine for more than a decade. Its capabilities and what the Modder (Developer) can achieve are currently limitless, we can even tweak how physics and frames are calculated for different CPU technology for each user that relies on just a few files so its ten times ahead with what Funcom can produce and its Creation Club may not be preferable for Single Player Games but it will be great in the Multiplayer Industry.
I doubt Funcom will ever catch up… I think their Engine is the problem. Got nothing else to say.

Are you talking about the creation engine? It’s definitely NOT made for Multiplayer, which Fallout 76 has shown more than once. That game was an absolute disaster mostly because of the engine that Bethesda used for most of their games.
People were able to Spawn in objects via console commands like in Fallout 4, FPS and game speed / physics being tied together is a super ridiculous idea in a Multiplayer game because people easily manipulated it and gave themselves a free speed hack, people used modding techniques from fallout 4 to loot other players inventories remotely to the point where they couldn’t even play anymore due to having lost their pip-boy (which is an issue for FO3 / FO4 speed runners as well when they skip the pick up scene of that item in the beginning).

Bethesda and good quality are two things that most people probably wouldn’t say in the same sentence anymore, Fallout 76 was the perfect example why you can’t simply modify a purely single player game engine (that you also made easily manipulatable over several decades to give modders freedom) to make a Multiplayer game.

That may be true but many solutions have been introduced in plenty of Games to prevent exploits. Even funcom is working on that in Conan Exiles. Bethesda did that mistake with Physics tied to frames at first but there have been solutions that distribute the weight to the CPU instead. Modders did it. Again :stuck_out_tongue: Although it requires newer CPUs that support AVX. Anyway there is alot of factors that determine a Games Engine Limits but as time goes on everything evolves.
The point is that a company can’t simply rely on the Engine itself to prevent Hacks. It needs an additional Anti-Cheat Service and there are many ways even for Encrypting Data so they can’t be Hacked by anyone. Fallout 76 was a ‘‘Rushed’’ fail. I agree with that. We’re s good old Punk Buster…

This is great ideas. I would love for this to happen. Im so frustrated with Age of Conan. Its has such a great potential, and its currently just rotting away. If Funcom doesnt want to make anymore content for us, let the community help out. This game has a hardcore following and im sure many in the fanbase would love to do some modding to this game.

Funcom doesnt care about making money from this game. Their focus is elsewhere.