Funcom needs to address PS4 Pro coding

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I’m on a PS4 Pro and play on Server PvE Conflict 3522 and I am having issues with not being able to see any workshops and get trapped inside my base since the door doesn’t render and when I try to leave the base I get snapped back inside. I sometimes randomly die when I log out to see if logging back in might help, in which it doesn’t. I have tried many other servers with the same result. I have reset my router, I have cleared the cache , I even went into safe mode and rebuilt the system data base. I’ve done everything. I love Conan and want to play with my friends , but at this point it’s unplayable and I’m not happy. What’s weird , a year or so ago we played and it was fine. Oh my other friends have a regular PS4 that’s the only difference between my issues and the lack of issues with them. Something has to be fixed like now.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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