Funcom, please, implement Fashionist V3 mod at the game!

Today a guy was streamming the game on Facebook and I saw this thing. It’s amazing! And already exists! Please, hire the guy that create this! Blizzard implemented lots of addons on World of Warcraft to improve the game, I know you guys can do this, too!

Please, please!



thatd be awesome, we cant get that on console 8]

That would be great!

I agree, even if some players say that it would make the game unbalanced, today we know that most of players use 2, maybe 3 armors, so the customization os toons became more “gray”, without any creativity. I know it’s a survival, not a MMORPG, and I love survival, but when we see the options in SWTOR, WoW and others, with appearance being different of equipped itens, the game gains in quality and variety.

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this …and the no shake mod please lol


Huge Problem with the Fashionist mod. It allows you to change how your thralls look to. “AngliNex how is that a problem?” It crashes the server. We have this mod on the server I play on and using it to change thralls is ban because of all the crashing that it has caused.

I wasn’t thinking about the official server using as a mod, but to get the mod and implement as a official game mechanic. Probably they would change the script.

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I’m just making sure all of the information is out there. I think having it as part of base game would be fun as well. They can’t know if no on says anything.

did you report it to the mod author?

to be honest: I’m not aware of any problem with the outfitters bench. the last crash report was not reproducable and my request for more informations is still unanswered.


It has been reported. The problem is not with thralls that can be placed. It is with the workers (like blacksmith and smelter exc).


btw. I’m the creator of Fashionist and I have no open bugreport (beside the one which is unanswered)


One of the staff of the server I’m on said the mod author was made aware. If your him and you don’t know then someone on my end got lazy. It has been a problem for months. Using the thrall bench has been ban because of the crashing for like 2 months. Maybe more.

no bugreport -> no bugfix. it’s really that simple.

so if there is something to fix, which is quite possible, then you should point your server admins to this discussion of my mods workshop page:
or my discord server:

I prefer the discord server because it’s easier to ask questions or request additional informations


I have the Fashionist mod in my Solo game. It works perfectly as far as changing thrall appearance is concerned, but after a while I turned off the feature that added weapons and stuff on my back and belt because of how unnatural it looks (especially if you’re running around naked, but those weapons etc. floating on my back bothered me even while clothed).

Drawing our weapons out of thin air is no more immersion-breaking to me than storing 2,000 rocks, 50 bowls of soup, an extra set of winter clothing, a few potions and a tamed craftsman in my invisible backpack.

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Actually, I didn’t even know about the other options. For me the only amazing thing in this mod is the weapons at my back.

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Simply love it

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Please please please lol! I want this soooo badly! Along with the ability to have this show on thralls as well. It works beautifully in the mod!.

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I like the way it looks it would be awesome

I would like to see it on thralls, too.

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