FWIW New Dodge and movement

To make a long story short, I was playing testlive a lot this week, since that patch went live, and at first I was kinda fine with it, both the change to the dodge and movement, but long after that some issues started to show, and frankly I was not a fan; I somewhat like the direction they are going compared to old system, but really thought it was overdone to a point where it’s bad In various situations besides faceroll. It even becomes a bit tiring after a long session, however I was still enjoying the game. ( This is all PvE perspective btw).

Today,after the patch went live, I started from a new game in SP, and instantly, still walking out the desert, the game felt a bit weird, although slightly; but overall, till about an hour later, I was not enjoying the game, at all, and formed a worse opinion than I had. However, I have the PS4 version also and dlc on it (I don’t on pc), so I went to play on that to check it out, and it’s a lot better. Not even compared to today’s patch but compared to testlive too. Its almost good imo, as in ‘for a new mechanic that does need some tweaking’, and it’s like a different game. I am now thinking if that is how it is supposed to be and that there is some serious issue with the PC version (no mods btw). On ps4, even that new start up animation is there, but barely noticable, let alone a hindrance.

Sorry tired, hope this made sense. gn.

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