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Hi. I’m looking for a list of INI settings for the config files so I can customise the levels, attribute gain, exp required per level, and feats. Does anyone have (or know of somewhere) I get get hold of a full list of such?

Ideally I want to slow the progression, make my level cap 100 instead of the 60, and reward players with bonus Attributes & Feat Points at particular Milestones, say every 10 levels.

If anyone also has a FULL list of INI for Conan that I could use then I would be truly grateful. TIA

As drachenfeles mentioned, you will need to create a mod using the devkit that does all you want or you have to resort to using mods from others and utilize the features they offer even if it is not exactly what you are looking for. One mod that comes close is Paragon Leveling:

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Thanks guys, shame you cant simply change it in game/gameuser ini and have to rely on others or the devkit. How easy is it to learn the devkit? hah

How easy is to learn German? Very easy for some, quite hard for others. If you are interested in learning, you can join the modding discord and check the guides pinned under #tips-tricks-and-tutorials. I will send you a direct message with the link to the discord.

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Is there a mod (or method to create such a mod) to slow the progression to something like 300 points and not only change attribute and feat point distribution, but actual recipe level gains? Kerozards Paragon Leveling only affect attribute and feat points. I mean something like this:

  • Levels 1-74 — T0 - Stone Tools, bedroll, campfire, and tents (basic necessities) (nomadic lifestyle)
  • Levels 75-149 — T1 - Sandstone, bed, basic stations (basic encampment)
  • Levels 150-224 — T2 - Stonework, master stations (developing home)
  • Levels 225-300 — T3 - Reinforced Stone, grandmaster stations, DLCs (end game - fortress)

Each recipe would be given a new level when it opens up, but those are just some basic categories to give a rough idea of what I thinking. Right now, Conan Exiles feels like the experience progresses way too fast and the recipes show up way too early (and way too many).

I haven’t done any modding, so I have no idea if this would be easy or difficult to do.

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