(GER/EU) Jenseits der Donnerkuppel start 10.04

Join our Server for fair PvP , no undermesh how a Offi Server , 24H admin, PvE Dungeons
Trader Village

General server rules:

  1. Don´t attack Admin!!! Clan, this buildings are for all of you
  2. Players, from 10 levels below their own, do not farm arbitrarily
  3. Behave in global chat
  4. No alliances between clans. Action is allowed if there is mutual benefit and proportionality. 5. Bugging/undermesh is generally prohibited
  5. Every player has to be in a clan at all times. Also solo players! Subsequently merging is no
    problem, but immediately upon server entry a clan reasons

basic rules:

  1. Do not occupy areas by randomly placed structures
  2. Max. Three bases inc. Slavecycle per clan. These may Max. have a 3 vault
  3. No story relevant items , recipes , world bosses , obelisks to build

Raid - Rules:

  1. No offline raids. Going offline when the raid is running does not save
  2. Fair PvP with thinking players. We want exciting PvP at eye level here, 3 VS 1 attacks are
  3. Explosive vases permitted only against doors. Other players, thralls, or doorless masonry,
    maximum Explosive Arrows/spheres
    4 . No pointless spawning of things to weaken others (e. g. Thralls out of the wheel and throw away) Only things of use capture

At the settings we are still considering an overview for the most important thing:

Max. Clansize 3
Harvest x3
EXP-rate x2. 5
NPC Respawn 1. 5
Production time 1
Building damage 1. 0
Purge 6 (but with greatly reduced building damage that is increased weekly)

Ts3 195. 4. 16. 212:10086 discord .gg/P3yrKMh

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Use Discord for the daily IP.
Unexplored Server with nearly all the time admin support.