Getting FPS drops and shouldn't be. Any suggestions?

I’ve recently came back to Conan after about a year break with the mount update. My computer is still the same and previously played (about 250 hours according to Steam) but since coming back I’m getting terrible fps drops.

I’m running an I7 7700k, 32GB Ram, 1080 GPU, Fresh install on SSD. (Drivers up date, cleaned my case even.)

I do run it on with Vsync on (60hz) so FPS will sit at 60 but every 5 seconds will drop to 57~51. While playable it’s very noticeable with the jerky motion. If I turn off vsync in player built areas it goes to 85-105 fps (Ultra with Shadows/foliage turned down) and in open areas it goes past 140. I still get the drops of 15-25 fps and make sit all jerky. Not to mention my GPU sounds like a jet engine. (blower card so I run vsync to keep it someone quiet)

It was doing this while connected to Vanilla servers and to modded servers. (AoC and others) The game is not unplayable but I have to reconnect to the servers every hour or so to somewhat clear up the issue. Any suggestions would be super grateful as I really enjoy Conan but knowing my system can run this game perfectly fine and it’s not is frustrating.

Well ok then. :frowning:

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