Getting stuck inside gorillas

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Local
Region: Local

It’s possible to get stuck inside a gorilla (inbetween its arms and slightly inwards) when it’s attacking and the player is close-by. It happens to me with the brother of the moon in the midnight grove dungeon as well as with the normal gorillas there. When getting stuck, the gorilla seems to stop moving as well. It’s not possible to get un-stuck by dodging, but I did sometimes manage to fix it using dagger backflips.

Step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced:

  1. Stand close to a gorilla (melee range). Maybe use dash attacks (sword, daggers,…) to get closer during its attack animation.
  2. Get hit.
  3. You’re stuck. / Repeat from 1.

i think this happends to other animals too, i try to jump to get out of the stucked situation, but hope they fix it soon.

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Well written, Ildur, and thank you for filling the preset form correctly. Somewhat uncommon for a new forum poster, and welcome !

This, as Fixi noted, is a known problem with several (actually most) larger creatures. I’ve even gotten stuck inside a normal NPC. Funcom fixed a few issues of this many patches ago, but unfortunately the repair was not global. You can even get stuck inside your own large pet.

For the time being you found good workarounds, but until it is completely fixed, we are stuck with those.



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Thanks for the replies!

Luckily I haven’t gotten stuck in any other creature or NPC yet, but it’s definitely good to know that it’s nothing uncommon. I’ll be on my guard from now on ^^

Yeah, gorillas with their leap-and-hug attack are the worst culprits for this right now. Used to get stuck inside the giant crocodile, rhinos and all sorts of ballistic overweight pachyderms. Got stuck in the albino bat demon on the top of the tower of the Bat just a couple of weeks ago.

The big gorilla in the Midnight Grove is the worst because he can do a lot of damage before spitting you out of his hug.


As workaround to get unstucked you can also try to crouch, when I’m stucked in my own pets it works :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, Born, never thought about using that. A new tool in my arsenal !



Hey @Ildur

Welcome to our community.
We’ll send note to our team to stop this monkey business, it is not ape-aling to get stuck in simian locations.
Thanks for your feedback.


The devs do know about the “Inside body glitch”.
This one is as old as conan exiles itself.
Must be a very taugh one to eradicate apparently…
In the meanwhile use the “jump” action to get out of it. It is the only reliable possiblity i am aware of.

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