Ghostly After-image Graphical Issues

Game mode: Online | Singleplayer
Problem: Graphical/Performance
Region: USA (possibly all, can’t find much on this topic)

I’ve been lurking on these forums for quite awhile, but I knew I’d probably end up finally creating an account after launch so… hi y’all.

My problem isn’t a super serious one, but annoying nonetheless. Ever since I first purchased my Game Preview copy of the game back in August of last year, I’ve noticed this. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the anti-aliasing is causing some weird graphical glitch where it leaves these ghostly afterimages when moving the camera. Weird pixelation on water and distant surfaces is also very common. It can be nauseating while moving too quickly. I’ve only found one or two topics on this, and all about the PC version and different graphic cards, so that’s unhelpful to me atm. I’m also not the only one this happens to. My brother and sister both play this game, with me in singleplayer/a private server, their own singleplayer games and other multiplayer servers and experience this in different levels of severity. We all have different displays and different models of the Xbox One (I have an Xbox One S, they have day one Xbox One).

I’d post screenshots, but I’m a bit new to these forums and am unsure how to/if I am able to do so since I’m such a new member. I was and am still stoked about this game being out of EA, but still seeing small issues like this after launch is a bit frustrating.

EDIT: I figured it out.

You can see the dragging, “ghost” effect most clearly on the water.

Another one showing the weird effect. Once again much easier to see on the water.

It’s also not exclusive to the water. It shows up while facing foliage and landscape as well, it’s just more difficult for me to get a good shot.

I was able to get these shots while turning the camera, but it happens when just walking as well. I have motion blur off and like I said, this has been an issue for awhile now. The weird pixelated effect on the edge of the water (it’s clearer in-game but you can see it in the screenshots if you look closely enough) is also consistently present while standing still.


Yea noticed this since game 1st came out in EA day 1 it’s still there. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed.


Yeah, I understand all the other things Funcom has to focus on in this game, especially with all the server drama and the launch bugs and such but I hope this is looked at in the coming months. I can ignore it half the time but the other half it’s just very bad to look at and at times makes me a bit nauseous, and I’m someone who doesn’t really experience motion sickness or anything.


So I got another screenshot today, primarily because immediately after logging in I was greeted with this:


which was incredibly jarring, because the dragging effect is very pronounced. This caused me to take notice of the fact that this phenomenon isn’t visible while facing something that doesn’t have an “object” (for instance, standing on a cliff and looking at the sky). But when facing an object such as a bush, or a structure, or a body of water, it is very visible. I wouldn’t know whether that means something or not, just thought I’d add it to the report.

I’ve noticed the same, it’s worse while swimming

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