Ghosts of Sand RP 18+

I’ve been having a blast on this Exiled Lands server! Multiple events a week and more on weekends, a solid player community and economy, as well as a top notch admin team I wish I could steal for my own server…that I’ve been neglecting. You need to come check it out and join my clan, the Akatsuki. :call_me_hand:t4:

We are an RP Lite server, 18+

  • Admin Shop
  • Exile Server
  • x10 boosted harvesting
  • Maximum XP
  • Welcome Center to provide new players with starter gear
  • PvP and PvE events
  • Weekend Building Damage
  • Wednesday Number Base Cleanup
  • Multiple admins operating as a government body with input from the community
  • Community shaped server changing to their needs
  • Commerce and economical system including player shops, admin shops, and a ■■■■ shop where Players can sell any item they have and no longer need
  • Earn currency through PvE admin bounties
  • Flag system to determine active bases; flags changed monthly
  • Bases with old flags swept on the 8th day of each month.
  • Flag system to mark community, landmark, and RP builds
  • Map rooms at all obelisks
  • Community Colosseum
  • Community event rewards for players who run events
  • Active discord
  • RP stories in discord
  • RP player protected builds in game
  • In game resource prices based off admin prices
  • No favoritism and all recognized clans will have representation

ZERO tolerance to griefing and toxic behavior. Laws are outlined in Discord.

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Sounds good :+1: got some things going on the home front get in touch later appreciate the 5

Hello, as this is a duplicate thread, we closed it. Please use the appropriate section to advertise for servers and clans :slight_smile:

You can find the correct link to the topic here: Ghosts of Sand RP 18+ PvE-C

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