Give us official pve servers difficulty barbaric

The veteran players of ps4 and lovers of pve do not have any interest any more of this game, after 2 years of playing this game and some months without updates, most of us just log in to servers for the decay or help some new players by giving them some welcome goodies and that’s all. I personally played and finished the game solo mode barbaric and I confess that this experience is wow and every single item of the game reveals the reason of existence in the game. Playing barbaric mode is the best advertisement you can do for this game. I beg the veteran ps4 players to lay a line here and to support the idea. We are abandoned so long, I believe this is something easy that funcom can gift us in Christmas :wink:.

I know it’s not the official, but can’t you just make a private server, put the settings like barbaric and have no admin… Then it’s the same I guess

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Either European or American, though the difficulty for either to have purge 3 o’clock after midnight is a little issue :wink:, please if you decide to fix on ps4 a server like this, I enlist at once. I don’t know if you ever play barbaric mode, you 'll love it dude, even hyenas will become an enemy to fear and plan strategies how to win them. You will feel the first days in conan coming back to you. Yes we know the paths, but, now the damage you take is big and the damage you do is low, very low, shield and bow will become your best friends .

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