Glitch at the Set Altar in Sep City

Ran into a glitch at the altar of Set in Temple Quarters in Sepermeru. New addition to the game, T4 She-Who-Wears-Mens-Skin, aggro’d and killed a bunch of npc exiles in the city before attacking Hoshun the Fang and knocking him back and down into the altar. He could not get out of the altar.

I kicked She-Who-Wears-Mens-Skin because I wanted her to kill Hoshun for me so I could get his daggers. This just resulted in her getting kicked into the altar without being able to get out too.

So I eventually decided I would try to hit one of them with my spear. When I did so, the nearby alchemist came after me in defense of his fellow citizens… only to get stuck in the altar too.

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Hi @Technicolorfool and thank you for your report

We’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Yea, I can second this, and it’s been ongoing for a VERY looooooong time. IDK if anyone has reported it before though. It drives me nuts when you try to capture a priest there and they get stuck in the altar. It’s super easy to make this happen to so it’s not like it’s an irregular bug.

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