Glitch on Exiles

I fell into textures with a friend in the Nameless City and we can’t get out of them. My friend took off his bracelet because he had nothing of value. The problem is that I have many important and expensive items with me. So that’s the only thing keeping me from taking the bracelet off.
I ran into textures near a hole in the Cartographer’s archive that I couldn’t climb over so I went further over the textures. I found a place on which I could climb and got stuck in a different texture literally above the surface. There is no way I can get out.

If you’ve progressed sorcery at all you can recall your corpse after ripping your bracelet off.


Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out. By any chance did you take a picture of this location that you could share with us?

We await your reply.

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