Glooming effect returned

Hey Iggy,
tested on "Public Test Server - EU - PvE C - Isle of Siptah, 20 minutes ago.

The flora inside the dungeon “Harbor of the Drowned” is very bright glooming again after the Update 2.3

You also can see it in the video I uploaded on my YT Channel:


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This issue seem to be specific to TestLive. It shouldn’t be an issue when pushed to Live but you never know :smiley:

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More specifically, this is an issue that should only appear on the TestLive client. It currently doesn’t show up (for me) in the TL branch in the main client (same build).
@Maeroth I’d be curious to know if that is the client you are using.

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That is not important if it is an TL only effect or not. It is a wrong visuall effect that gave alot trouble to the player community once and FunCom asked for such troubleshooter errors. :wink:

It actually is important to know what client you are using to know whether or not this will be an issue in the public-facing packaged builds. It has to do with how DLCs are handled on Steam.
Can you tell us what client you are using?

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