Great RP PVP Server (modded) Name : Blood & Steel

We at [Blood and Steel] present you with a Conan Exiles Server with a fair set of rules for the PVP player to have fun and enjoy Conan Exiles in an RP environment! . This server its own dedicated box, and features a few mods obtained from the steam workshop to help add to immersion.

Visit our Discord Channel and come to say hi!

A Glimpse of mods used on the server, and needed to play on our server.

Critical Points

-2x Rates / 2x XP

-No Gods/ However Altars allowed

-Fair set of rules to make raiding, pvp, and rp fun and possible for all.

-Server wiped June 4, 2018.

-Server wipes will be as limited as possible, and backups are conducted on a routine basis.
-Direct Connect: